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Here's a current listing of courses offered by Tomas Michaud.

Real Guitar Awesomeness

This is my flagship course to teach the fundamentals -  chords, strums, note reading, and more all in a step-by-step manner. Again, completely different material. For newbie (beginner) through intermediate.

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Rumba Flamenco Spanish Guitar

The course Rumba Flamenco Spanish Guitar is an extensive course starting from the basic rhythm and going through more advanced techniques including melody, strums and song workshops. For advanced beginner to intermediate.

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New Flamenco Guitar Mini Course

An introductory short course. The material is not the same as the full course so you could enjoy both. For advanced beginner.

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These are courses currently offered. Feel free to click on the "find out more" link to get full descriptions and samples of the courses.


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